... alleviate the suffering ... promote the comforts ... improve the conditions of animals ... and prevent cruelty to animals ...

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Executive Director

Carol Russell 


Barb Dagnesi, Facility Manager

Carol Stephenson, Staff Assistant
Sylvia Delfavero, Adoptions Counselor
Gail Wellauer, Adoptions Counselor
Marianne Neal, Cat Caretaker
Kloe Brewer, Cat Caretaker
Steve Remp, Dog Caretaker


​Board of Directors​

Mario Campanello, President

Stephanie Leone, Vice President

John Bohal, Jr., Treasurer

Suzanne Gatto, Secretary

Carrie Collins-Fadell

Chuck Fluno

Michelle Jones

Linda Leonard​

Joanna Penalva

Paula Smith

Joel Weirick

Official Bylaws

Click here to download a copy of the official bylaws.