Foster a pet from flspca of cny


We are looking for responsible, caring people to assist us with fostering.  Before you complete the Foster Care Application, please review the information below to make sure you are fully prepared to becoming a foster home care giver.  


Questions to Consider

• Do you have adequate space for the foster animal(s)?  Depending on the number of animals currently in your household, making room for a temporary addition is very important.

• What is the temperament of your own animals?  Sometimes jealousy plays a role when a newcomer enters their territory. Depending on the foster situation, being able to separate the foster animal(s) from your own animals may be best.

• Are you prepared to clean up after the foster animal and understand in some cases there may be possible damage to your home?  Accidents can happen and your property may take some abuse. Preparing for this ahead of time can prevent these mishaps.

• Are you emotionally prepared to return the foster animal to the SPCA when he/she finds a home?  One becomes easily attached after fostering for a period of time. The transition can be very difficult, especially for the first foster.

• Do you feel comfortable monitoring the animal's general health?  It's best if you can keep a journal of their behavior. Any changes in appetite, poop, and overall behavior of the animal should be reported immediately.


Foster Care Process

If you're interested in becoming a foster home care giver, please read through the following steps and complete the foster care application. You must be 21 years or older. 

Follow These Simple Steps:

  • Download, print out, and complete the below Foster Care Application pdf.
  • Email, mail, fax or drop off at the shelter.

              Finger Lakes SPCA of CNY
              41 York Street
              Auburn, NY 13021
              Fax: (315) 253-4740

  • You must be 21 years or older.
  • Applications are reviewed by our shelter staff.
  • An in-home visit will be required for first time fosters. 

Please keep in mind we have strict guidelines for the protection and welfare of these animals. The FLSPCA reserves the right to deny any applicant for any reason.

Examples of Foster Care

Pregnant or Nursing Cats & Dogs:

  • Pregnant cats and dogs need special attention.
  • Nursing mothers with kittens or puppies require patience, space and lots of TLC.

Sick and/or Injured Animals:

  • Animals needing extra care during times of illness.
  • Often certain injuries require a quiet restful environment for healing.
  • Broken legs, amputations, etc. will be evaluated on an individual basis.

Animal Socialization:

  • As a limited admission shelter, some animals reside here longer than we hope.
  • Their social skills become limited in a kenneled environment.
  • Spinning, barking, and pacing hide the true personality of many dogs.
  • A foster home can allow for an objective evaluation.
  • Added requirements may apply (training and socialization experience).


Remember...Fostering can be very rewarding, especially when the end result is a loving home.