Spay & Neuter Services


**Please read the following before calling for an appointment!
The number to call is 315-224-8893.**

The Importance of Spaying and Neutering:
Help stop pet overpopulation by spaying and neutering your pets. With abandoned, stray, sick, and feral animals, it is vitally important to take the steps necessary to relieve these issues. It also has many health benefits for your pet.

Spay & Neuter Assistance

Three clinics a month are held at the Finger Lakes SPCA of Central New York located at 41 York St, Auburn, NY 13021. 

The clinics are open to low-income individuals, rescues, feral and barn cats. Low-income individuals are those who currently receive public assistance in the form of medicaid, food stamps, HEAP assistance, temporary housing assistance, SSI.

You must have an appointment for the clinic. Clinics are held on the first, second and fourth Fridays of each month.  There is a waiting list for our clinics with a few spots available for emergencies. PLEASE PLAN AHEAD as it may take a month or two or more to get you on the schedule.

The Spay & Neuter Hotline is 315-224-8893.  Please note that the clinic hotline is for spay & neuter services only - we do not offer appointments for other conditions or wellness visits.

The clinic scheduling is staffed by volunteers.  On some occasions, it may take several days to return your call.  PLEASE SPEAK SLOWLY AND CLEARLY when leaving your name and phone number.  We appreciate your understanding.

Each cats will need to be brought in its own separate and CLEAN hard-sided carrier lined with a blanket or towel (that will be replaced if soiled). DO NOT bring more than one cat in a carrier. Thank you!

Dogs may be brought in on a leash or carrier.

Drop-off time for cats scheduled for the clinic is from 6:30-7:30am. Drop-off time for dogs is after 7:00 am. Clients should use the red double doors to enter the clinic area.


All animals going through our clinic must be vaccinated for rabies. The vaccine is available for $7.50. If your animal has already received a vaccine, we will need to see a copy of the rabies vaccination certificate when you drop the animal off for the clinic.

Vaccines are only available at the same time as spay or neuter surgery appointments.

A rabies tag is NOT sufficient record for our clinic purposes. You may request a certificate from the vet who vaccinated your animal.

Distemper is highly recommended. This vaccine is available for $7.50.


Male cats - Neuter surgery : $45
Female cats - Spay surgery: $65
Male dogs - Neuter surgery: $75
Female dogs - Spay surgery: $95

Rabies vaccine - $7.50
Distemper vaccine - $7.50
FIV/Feline Leukemia test - $25 (optional)
Flea Treatment - $5
Earmite Treatment - $3

Heart Worm Test - $25 (optional)

Microchip - $25 (optional)

Possible extra costs may be incurred with the following conditions ($10 or more per condition):  pregnancy, cryptorchid (testicles haven't fully descended), hernia, in heat, antibiotics, extremely overweight animals.

We will notify you of any extra charges when we call you to pick up your animal. These costs will be due when you pick them up.


Payment is requested two weeks ahead of  your clinic date to hold your spot.


Cash may be brought to the SPCA during business hours:  Mon, Tues, Wed from 12-4:45pm and Sat, Sun from 12-3:45pm. CLOSED Thursday and Friday.

Money orders may be made out to:  "FLSPCA of CNY" and mailed to Finger Lakes SPCA of CNY, 41 York St, Auburn, NY 13021

PLEASE enclose a note with your payment that lists: YOUR NAME (the person who called to make the appointment), the pet(s) name, date of your clinic appointment, and a phone number (if we have any questions).