Who do I call for wildlife and nuisance issues?

The Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) has important information regarding wildlife and what to do when you find young and seemingly orphaned animals. The following is an excerpt from their Young Wildlife page:

DO NOT consider young wildlife as possible pets. This is illegal and is bad for the animal. Furthermore wild animals do not make good pets; they are not well suited for life in captivity and they may carry diseases that can be given to people. Resist the temptation to take them out of the wild.

However, when you encounter a young wild animal that is obviously injured or orphaned, you may wish to call a Wildlife Rehabilitator for advice and help. Wildlife Rehabilitators, volunteers licensed by DEC, are the only people legally allowed to receive and treat distressed wildlife. They have the experience, expertise and facilities to successfully treat wild animals. The goal of the rehabilitator is to release a healthy animal back into the wild, where it belongs.

The following is a list of local wildlife rehabilitators, relocators (nuisance), and DEC regional offices (for additional information on rehabilitators in your area).

Wildlife Rehabilitator

Second Chance Wildlife
"Rehab Without Prejudice"
Gabrielle Whitman - Licensed Rehabber (315) 754-6208
Notes: We provide a network of individuals willing to accept/place all animals. Please leave a message as we check our voicemail frequently.


Ace Wildlife Solutions
(315) 834-6003
Notes: Residential, commercial, and industrial.

Critter Control
Auburn - Moravia (315) 673-9419  (800) 274-8837

Knight's Critter Capture
12770 Coleman Road
Red Creek, NY 13143
Ed Knight - DEC licensed (315) 626-6843  cell: (315) 871-8289
Notes: Serving CNY and the Finger Lakes with humane live trapping and relocating of unwanted critters. 24-hour service. DEC licensed.

Professional Trapping Services
13 Garrow Street
Auburn, NY 13021
Jim Cramer - DEC licensed (315) 258-0915
Notes: Skunks, squirrels, snakes, racoons, mice, birds, woodchucks, and bats.

DEC Regional Wildlife Offices

Avon  (585) 226-2466
Bath (607) 776-2165
Buffalo (716) 851-7010
Cortland (607) 753-3095
New Paltz (845) 256-3098
Olean (716) 372-0645
Ray Brook  (518) 897-1291
Stamford (607) 652-7367
Stony Brook (631) 444-0310
Warrensburg  (518) 623-3671
Watertown (315) 785-2261


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