Armani came to the Shelter as a stray surrender. He had apparently been someone's pet because he had been neutered. When we tested Armani, he tested positive for FeLV, a very serious viral condition that occurs most often in un-neutered male cats that live most of their lives outdoors.

However, even though Armani has the FeLV virus in his system, he is healthy and happy so we decided to give him a chance by making him available as a special needs adoption. We were hoping that someone would give Armani a home and lots of love for as long as he needed them.

Armani struck it rich when Jason and Billie came to Shelter and found him waiting for them. As you can tell from the picture, it looks like a match made in heaven - and we are so thankful that Jason and Bill are willing to care for and love Armani.

And - so is Armani.

Many thanks to Jason and Billie for giving Armani a second chance!