bout five or six years ago I came down from Canada to adopt a black labradoodle from you named 'Bailey'. I believe and I hope that Carol, your current director, was the person who facilitated the adoption - I saw Bailey on pet finder, Carol and I had a long phone conversation, and we drove down to pick her up. I'm just writing to send you a very long overdue Thank You. I think I did write after we'd first taken her, Bailey had been changed to Hailey, she was doing well, etc. So much has happened since. Hailey was changed again, to Haribo. My partner and I moved to the east coast from Ontario, and eventually had a break up and I dropped out of university. Haribo travelled back with me to Ontario, to Toronto, and then London, from a bachelor studio apartment to my parent's. Then back to the east coast to finish my degree. I met my husband travelling two years ago, he eventually came from England to be with us while I studied, and we were married in our backyard in Halifax after I graduated. Then we moved back to Ontario, and prepared to immigrate to the UK. We came over in October, and got settled, and this winter I came back home to collect Haribo and bring her over. She flew like a trooper, having had a prep short flight between Nova Scotia and Ontario once, and the people at Charles de Gaulle in Paris were wonderful to her. It was easiest for her to take her through Paris, and drive the tunnel back into England. My parents in law drove all the way to Paris to pick us up. They did this only because they know how much she means to me.

She has been with me through so much, she has been my constant and by caring for her always I think I've kept myself sane through some very difficult times. And she has been a very, very happy dog, she loves to travel, and she knows she's my best friend and she knows she's needed. We go for runs together and she stays by my side like it's the best job in the world. I have worked at a pet food store and she came to work with me, I've nannied and she's watched the kids with me. She has really disliked guys, and liked them, and loved my husband. At her vet check before the flight here the vet said "she has an athlete's heart" I swear it's from having such a big life.

know that the ideal is one house, one safe yard, one stable family, for any pet. And this she will have! We've adopted another puppy to keep her company and to keep her young, we're hoping to have a baby. But I also know she's been happy in her life so far because she's been so loved. Thank you Carol for making that judgement call, for letting her come home with me. You have given me so much.

I hope you have been well, and I hope you have many, many other happy stories sent to you.