Hello Everyone!

I wanted to let you all know how the Kitty Formerly Known as Mickey (Oreo) is doing. My son and I adopted him last October. He came in the house and the dog just looked at me as if to say "Another cat... oh well" and walked away. My other kitty, Joba, didn't know quite what to think and opted for caution. Oreo popped out of his carrier and took off exploring. I wasn't going to spook him by chasing him down, so I let him go. He's been in 7th heaven ever since!

He is an absolute LOVE! He purrs all the time and has found himself some special spots in the house. He loves the couch pillows to sleep on when I'm downstairs, and prefers my bed at night. Usually right next to my pillow!

We found out he loves to play with a laser pointer dot. He'll run it down all over the house. If it goes off, he'll stare at the spot where it was for ages. He and Joba wrestle all the time, but Joba wants to be the alpha kitty. Oreo doesn't seem to care as long as he can hang out.

We love him to pieces! I'm so glad I picked an adult cat to give a new home to. He's settled in very well and I can't picture my home without him. Thank you for allowing this little ball of love to come spend his life with us.

Maureen and Sam Breen