I am writing about our dog, Otto, that we got at the SPCA in Auburn. When we just got him, he was so nervous and shook terrible for two days. From then on he's the most lovable dog we ever had.

He takes a nap every day with Dad and around 6:30 pm he brings his toy duck and wants Mommy to play with him for at least an hour. He also loves to go in the car - that's top priority with him. He's house trained and let's us know when he has to go out.

The SPCA was so concerned about him and we couldn't be happier that they let us adopt him. He's brought so much love and laughter into our home and all our children couldn't believe how much he looks like our other deceased dog. And his actions are so much like hers.

We can't thank the SPCA enough for letting us adopt him and making sure he he came to a good home. Thank you so much!

Howard and Beverly Juno - and Otto too!